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If you’re used to a gym or group pilates or yoga class, we are not that. At Heal’r we take the time to understand each of our members’ needs. As Allied health professionals, we personalise each class to our individual members, providing each of you a safe, welcoming and tailored approach.

Heal’r is the first truly integrated specialised movement studio in Australia that also has an in-house natural health clinic and apothecary.

What this means is that along with studio and clinical pilates, authentic yoga, HIIT, fitness, personal training, barre, qi gong and tai chi classes (what a mouthful!), we house clinically trained practitioners and instructors, allied health professionals and natural health experts who each have over a decade, some two decades, of experience. 

Having all of this within the walls of Heal’r gives our practitioners and instructors the ability to work together when it is appropriate to ensure that your treatments and classes integrate with each other. True integration means our experts are a company rather than sole practitioners, who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

We genuinely care about each of our members so we make the time to thoughtfully plan each Heal’r component for you, making your experience personalised. 

Having a company of Heal’r experts also helps take the guesswork out of finding and choosing a practitioner. We trust our Heal’rs to treat us and we would offer you no less.

Everything is carefully considered, from the highest quality ingredients in our delicious Heal’r blends and lattes to our expert instructors and Allied Health practitioners who we searched high and low to find.

Welcome to Heal’r.

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