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Yoga classes in Melbourne (and through Western Culture), can range from a gym styled environment to a traditional yoga studio. Yoga by Heal’r honours the traditions of authentic yoga; what yoga truly is and was designed to be.

Unlike any other yoga studio, as a Heal’r member, you experience a personal holistic assessment. This provides our Heal’rs and yourself with an understanding of how we can best guide you through your practice. The journey through yoga is a shared one. You are not just a number at Heal’r, you become part of our tribe and community.

If you are new to yoga, comments we often hear are: “I’m not good at yoga”. Let us Heal’r you! With the unique and high level of training our Heal’r instructors undergo in many movement therapies, including clinical pilates, allows us to support you to go beyond your expectations.

Yoga traditions are not based on the social media trends. They are about the connection to self, breath and release work; to challenge your mind and your body. From beginners to regular yogis, Heal’r will help you to unearth your yogi within.

Discover Studio

Our state of the art infrared heat panels in the Heal’r Discover studio will heat your body from the inside, producing a safe heat for detoxification, stimulating your internal organs and assisting your lymphatic system.

Root’d Yoga

Root’d by Heal’r is our first certified organic turmeric blend. Inspired by the traditions of food as medicine in Eastern Cultures, our aim is to provide a daily ritual for you; a hug in a mug that warms your insides. This is the inspiration for Root’d yoga. Whether you are looking for Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, prenatal, restorative, hot yoga, yin or any yoga classes in Melbourne, it all comes back to the traditions and where it started.

Grounding yourself in the foundations of yoga asanas through technique and alignment, helps you flow through your practise with a greater knowledge of your body, thus decreasing injuries. Through your personal assessment, to physical adjustments in class, to our emphasis of guidance, we will help you delve deeper without pushing and straining.

Awaken’d Yoga

Our bodies were designed to move and in your Awaken’d yoga class, that you will. Created to build the heat in your body through dynamic yoga flows, you will find this an uplifting, soulful and nurturing practise. Taking you through your vinyasa sequence with mindful breath and guidance, awaken your dynamic yoga flow within.

Mix’d Yoga

The perfect combination of transitions for true yoga benefits. In Mix’d yoga, you will be guided through your yoga asanas, touching on the foundations learned in your Root’d yoga classes to challenge a dynamic flow. Our state of the art infrared heat panels are set at a comfortable temperature to energise your inner healing, without the dry heat that causes dehydration and long term fatigue.

Power’d Yoga

Power up your planks and build into backbends, our Power’d yoga is for those wanting to deepen their practise and build up a sweat. Longer and strong poses that will challenge the most experienced yogi, while bringing in elements of Root’d for the those who are keen on alignment and technique. With an emphasis on a structured connection between mind and body, Power’d yoga is suitable for all levels, to channel your mind and empower your body.

Sooth’d Yoga

Slow down your body and mind with our Sooth’d yoga class. A restorative practise with a focus on mobilising joints and easing tension. Sooth’d takes yin to the next level. Release your muscles with deep yet gentle poses. Using specialised props, stretch into areas restricted from your day’s activities. Our Heal’rs move through the class with hands on adjustments to assist you in feeling supported and restored. A completely restorative class to soothe the Heal’r in you.

Spirit’d Yoga

30mins of honouring your Heal’r within. A chance to reconnect back into yourself, harness energy from your soul. Guided practise, incorporating meditation and mindfulness techniques in your shivasna to help you achieve a place of stillness. When we allow the body and mind to be still, deep healing can occur.

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