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Heal’r is a labour of love. It has been a dream for our co-founders, (partners in life and now finally in their vision), to create a home for connection and healing. Friends as young adults, our co-founders lost contact as Tanya moved to Sydney to further her career and her healing. During this time, Omer (our sometimes not so silent co-founder) established and founded the first organic grocery, cafe, clinic with yoga and pilates studio – Simple Affair in Port Melbourne. Long gone now, however still considered an institution and revolutionary in the health industry.

In Sydney, Tanya managed various pilates spaces, opened her own boutique studio while simultaneously studying full time to gain several of her many qualifications. When you read Tanya’s professional and personal story, it’s no wonder she became as passionate as she has to help others nurture their Heal’r within. Returning home to Melbourne, Tanya continued to work in some of the most well known pilates and barre studios, however felt like something was always missing. Without a full encompassing clinic and apothecary like her studio in Sydney, Tanya felt that she could not help everyone to the extent she was trained to.

Divine intervention stepped in – well maybe modern dating technology – when our co-founders, who had been dreaming of a partner with shared values to enter their life, saw each other on the then “new app”, Tinder. As friends, they shared the past decade of what their personal and professional pursuit of health had been, and although Tanya did not know it at the time, her once friend now new partner, would also be the one to inspire her to finally bring their united vision to life.

Accomplished in their own fields, our co-founders launched Root’d by Heal’r – the first certified organic Turmeric and Dandelion Root Blend in 2015. Next they introduced our other blends and products to the community while they physically built (Omer has literally personally built) and conceptualised every inch of Heal’r. From our stunning handmade bespoke metal frame door, opening into the Ignite studio, to the stylised Heal’r Bar, Heal’r has literally been built from love.  These were the vision of our co-founders who then commissioned Tanya’s brother-in-law to weld by hand the stunning Heal’r doors and counter.

Through the toils and struggles that life can bring, to the tragic loss of loved ones and family health, our co-founders never lost the vision of Heal’r being a modern movement. Heal’r is the essence of everything you can accomplish if you stick to your values, channel your true self and be surrounded by those who are doing the same. Welcome to Heal’r.

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