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Heal’r Qi gong, Tai Chi

Chinese Therapy and Mindful Meditation (Qi gong) is an ancient Chinese holistic health care system in its own right, with a vast and complex history.

At its essence, Qi gong is the science of moving meditation; harmonising breath techniques with gentle rhythmic movements, along with mindful intention and meditation. The goal is to cleanse, strengthen and circulate vital life force known as Qi. It also aims to harmonise the breath, the mind and the body; to return the whole to a natural state of being, free from suffering and dis-ease.

Practicing Qi gong and tai chi can lead toward better health, a strengthened vitality and a refined, tranquil state of being.

It is a form of healing that our co-founder and other Heal’rs have used to overcome chronic adrenal fatigue and other health conditions so we encourage you to discover Qi gong.

Whether you are attending a class for self-development, postural alignment, breath awareness, increased fitness or improved flexibility, our aim for each class is to lead you towards a better state of health and wellness, longevity and spiritual cultivation.

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