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Heal’r Pilates

Whether you want to be agile like a Ninja, flexible like a dancer, or have a sculpted lean body like an athlete, Heal’rs combination of Reformer benefits, Clinical Pilates and Barre will help you to discover what true Pilates and your potential is.

Heal’r classes are based on Clinical Pilates and Functional movement for longer lasting results. Designed to ignite your “little muscles” for overall balance, Heal’r is the first of it’s kind to incorporate Clinical Pilates with Mat Pilates at this level.

Intelligently designed, our Heal’r resistance training has mat pilates and reformer benefits to awaken your phasic and slow-twitch muscles for strengthening, and postural muscles for flexibility and improved posture.

The equipment in our Heal’r Ignite Studio, Carnegie, Melbourne; has been especially chosen for its quality, movement and diversity. Not your average Pilates reformer machine, you will feel the difference when using our state of the art Pilates Reformer, Pilates Towers, Wunda Chairs and Pilates Spine Correctors. Heal’r classes are designed for all levels from rehab, strength and conditioning, pre-natal pilates/post-natal, through to elite athletes.

With over twenty years in the Pilates and Personal Training industry, our professionally qualified and highly experienced Heal’r instructors will guide you to get the most from your Pilates reformer and Mat Pilates.

Heal’r Signature Classes

Root’d Pilates

Technique and alignment are the foundations for stronger and leaner bodies. Your Heal’r Pilates Specialists are trained in Clinical Pilates, making our signature class – Root’d Pilates, your go to for everything in movement. Root’d by Heal’r (our certified organic blend) is about grounding you, nurturing you from the core of your body. This is the inspiration for Root’d Pilates class. As a Heal’r member, your personal goals are a focus in Root’d Pilates sessions. Our skilful Heal’rs weave functional movement with Pilates reformers, Wunda Chairs, Pilates Mat and so much more, to assist all levels in rehab, strength and conditioning, pre-natal pilates and post-natal, beginners to advanced. Ground your movement from the core.

Awaken’d Pilates

Love a little bit of sweat in your Pilates session? Awaken’d Pilates is dynamic, using Mat Pilates and reformer benefits; your body will be Awaken’d to move. Flow through your movement with soulful music that inspires you. Incorporating Root’d clinical pilates with group reformer pace, you will be uplifted reconnect with how enjoyable movement can feel.

Mix’d Pilates

Just like Mix’d by Heal’r (our certified organic blend) Mix’d Pilates is the best of Awaken’d and Root’d. Pause when we need to realign, swap from Pilates Reformer to Trap Tower to Wunda Chair; mix up the best of what Pilates has to offer in the Heal’r Ignite Studio, Carnegie, Melbourne. Always Root’d in technique, experience the difference of a fully equipped Clinical Pilates session. It’s how Joseph Pilates designed the ultimate Pilates session to be, using several types of specialised Pilates equipment. True Pilates benefits is much more than just a reformer pilates machine class.

Power’d Pilates

Want strong bodies? Moving quickly without aligned technique can reinforce old movement patterns, making change slower or not at all. To create balanced and strong bodies, we want to challenge our slow twitch muscles. Elite athletes to performers, to those who want even a little more strength, we all need correct muscle recruitment for longevity. In your Power’d class your legs may shake, and you may feel your abdominals when you laugh. As a Heal’r member, be guided in resistance, body weight  and personal training that is safe and effective.

Sooth’d Pilates

Taking mobility and flexibility to a new level, our Heal’rs take you through a unique soothing session. Using more than just reformer benefits in our speciality equipped Ignite Studio in Carnegie, Melbourne; you will move parts of your body (and probably your mind) that you never thought possible. Release tension and stretch safely with ease and grace – ok maybe we don’t always feel graceful, but that’s the goal in experiencing Sooth’d Pilates.

Spirit’d Pilates

Connect back to yourself. What Yin has become for Yoga, Spirit’d is for you at Heal’r.
Experience a mindful practise that incorporates the elements and essence of meditation, breathing and stillness. The ah-ha moment in allowing your body and mind to experience deeper release.

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