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Heal’r Fitness & Personal Training

Combining the best elements of ballet, dance, pilates and yoga with fitness and personal training, we have created the Heal’r Mix’d Fitness and Personal Training classes.

In these active sessions we aim to help increase your strength and lose any additional weight depending on your goals.

Heal’r Barre and Mix’d Fitness and Personal Training classes are developed by instructors with personal training, pilates and barre accreditation. You can be sure that you will not only experience a class drawing on the best of each style of workout, but that your instructors will also draw on their knowledge of proper movement to keep you safe during your session. All the while helping you meet your personal fitness and wellness goals.

Mix’d Fitness and Personal Training by Heal’r

Did you know that the best way to shift body weight and gain strength is through short bursts of intense movement, incorporate a cardio workout, rest and then repeat?

Differing from common HIIT strength training in Melbourne, as a Heal’r member, your workout is tailored to you. Personal training that is cost and time effective, that is individualised and not generalised, means you learn more about your body and what it needs.

At Heal’r we have bachelor degrees and four year qualifications in clinical nutrition and naturopathy. Our personal trainers in Carnegie, Melbourne, have trained elite athletes, professional dancers/performers and continue to consult for major sporting teams. (An added bonus, our Heal’rs are trained in clinical pilates too.) We know nutrition, we know fitness, we know how to assist you in your strength training. Why leave your body to chance?

Heal’r is all about functional movement that is safe, challenging and prescriptive. From our clinical training and experience, we are skilled in prevention and managing injuries, while building strength and cardio fitness in a full body workout.

Mix’d Barre by Heal’r – coming soon!

Not feeling graceful? That’s ok! You’re not here to be Fred Astaire. You’re here to move your Heal’r within.

Males and females gain a lot from the techniques taught in a Heal’r barre workout. The foundations of movement often come from dance, as it’s about alignment and strength within a full body workout that flows and feels good.

Mix’d Barre at Heal’r is fun and challenging for everyone from the most esteemed dancer to those yet to discover their inner groove. If you feel deterred by the thought of ballet barre or a barre workout, think of a Heal’r barre fitness classes that is developed from traditional technique to create flow in your body.

At Heal’r we will have some of Melbourne’s leading barre fitness classes with our experienced instructors who will ensure you work up a sweat, feel energised and help you improve your technique.

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