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Heal’r Studio & Classes

Step into our new state of the art Discover and Ignite studios for a taste of our clinical pilates, authentic yoga, fitness, personal training, HIIT, barre, qi gong / tai chi and meditation classes.

Awaken and ignite your muscles with our clinical pilates classes using state of the art equipment such as studio reformers, Wunda Chairs, spine correctors and half trapeze tables (for those of you in the know, a larger range of pilates apparatus). For those of us yet to become a pilates expert, our full selection of studio pilates equipment at Heal’r is more than just reformer pilates and is not utilised or seen in studios around Melbourne or Australia.

Our Heal’rs are expertly trained on all of our modern studio pilates equipment to help you achieve your goals and keep you safe whatever your skill level.

We are known for the level of attention to detail and personalisation we give our members in every class. This comes from the individual care we provide each of you. If you want to see and feel change in your body and mind, this is our Heal’r specialty.

Our class descriptions are unique and what we feel has also been missing in the industry. The names reflect a style not the level of difficulty so all classes can be as challenging or gentle and personalised as required.

Before you get started at Heal’r let us show you how we are different. We invite you to sit down with a mug of our own certified organic Heal’r turmeric or cacao/reishi spice latte and have a full Allied Health clinical assessment with either our co-founder and principal instructor Tanya or one of our highly trained Heal’rs.

Our Heal’rs design each class only when they see who is in the room and have considered everyone’s goals and any needs or injuries. Getting to know you personally helps us design our classes and maximise the benefits to you individually. You are not just a number at Heal’r.

Find out more about our clinical pilates, authentic yoga, fitness, personal training, HIIT, barre, qi gong / tai chi and meditation classes.

Heal’r Pilates

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