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Western Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine has been an honoured natural medicine practice in many cultures, for centuries. With technology and scientific studies, clinical tests now show that Western Herbal Medicine, Herbs and Natural Remedies can improve our quality of life, increase our immunity, as well as balance our hormones and nervous system. When prescribed by our highly experienced and registered Heal’r Herbalists, your symptoms can be reduced, the underlying causes of your condition can be treated and your body and wellbeing supported in a holistic way.

Western Herbal Medicine is much more than a superfood that you may put into a smoothie or latte. Superfoods such as medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, adaptogens like Ginseng and Turmeric, have all become well known and can be consumed in low dose as food-as-medicine. However, while this is great for maintenance and general well being, for more chronic or acute conditions you may require professional monitoring to ingest herbal medicine. This is best provided by a registered and qualified Herbalist or Naturopath. Western Herbal Medicine can have adverse or no effects if administered without professional consultation. Our Heal’rs study for years to ensure they understand and can legally and ethically pass on their knowledge and the correct herbal prescription for your condition.

How Western Herbal Medicine may differ from Chinese Herbal Medicine is in the preparation, administration and formulation of the herbs. Each of these natural remedies are prescribed by your Heal’r Professional, in consultation with you and to assist your presenting symptoms. Western Herbal Medicine comes fully formulated as a practitioner only product, either as herbal liquid extracts, tablets or powders. Our Heal’rs use TGA approved, Certified Organic, Practitioner Only natural remedies and herbs for therapeutic purposes. We can also design natural remedies in the forms of lotions and creams. Our Heal’rs expertly mix herbs as part of your holistic consultations to manage illness or disease within the body.

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