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There has been a great shift in the approach to and understanding of Clinical Nutrition over the past 25 years. When you see a Heal’r Nutritionist, your treatment will be holistic, individualised, achievable, sustainable, up to date and based on our years of clinical practise.

At each stage of life, whether it be infancy, childhood, adolescence, pre and post natal, pregnancy, adulthood, gender differences or older age; our Heal’r Nutritionist knows which nutrients our bodies require. Your diet needs to adapt to life’s changes, individual health conditions and stressors. Twenty-five years in the health industry gives our Heal’rs extensive experience and knowledge, going beyond the fad diets and limiting “one size fits all” approach which is marketed to consumers. Our Heal’r Clinical Nutritionist educates and supports you individually, with holistic guidance through the changes of life.

Clinical Nutrition at Heal’r is about breaking down the myths of the perfect diet that is pushed by clever marketing. Your Heal’r Nutritionist will assist you in evaluating your current and past dietary intake, lifestyle, possible food allergies and intolerances, immune and organ health, blood sugar levels, hormones and most importantly, your needs. The diet we believe in is holistic, individualised and with the concept of “food as medicine” at the forefront.

A Heal’r Nutritionist supports you with:

Customized holistic plans for all ages, health conditions, ethics and preferences
Our Heal’r Your Gut Programme
Recipe ideas and inspiration for cooking and meal prep
Specific Clinical Nutrition “diet” plans to help treat food allergies or intolerances
Shopping lists / Grocery shopping assistance

The difference between Clinical Nutrition and Naturopathy is that a Nutritionist solely focuses on dietary and nutritional needs for the individual, whereas a Naturopath will also prescribe Herbal Medicine and other remedies to treat disease and autoimmune conditions.

Signs and symptoms that you need to book in with a Heal’r Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath:

Bloating / Gas
Constipation or diarrhea
Cramping / Pain in the abdomen
Nausea, vomiting
Stigma / guilt with food
Fatigue / Difficulty sleeping
Mood / Anxiety and depression

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