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Massage therapy has been used as a form of healing across cultures for centuries. In the modern world, science now shows that massage therapy increases the circulation of blood to your organs and tissues; decreases stress by enhancing relaxation to your muscles and can assist in rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Discover Massage Therapy at Heal’r in Carnegie, Melbourne, with a range of unique styles developed to provide the ultimate sense of wellness. All our Heal’r massage therapists design and customise your treatments. For non members, your treatment will include an assessment to ensure all your requirements are addressed. For Heal’r Members your ongoing treatments will be reviewed across all your consultations to create a well balanced programme.

As Members of the Massage Association of Australia and The International Institute of Complementary Therapists, your Heal’r massage therapists are all equipped to ignite your Heal’r Within. Enhance your massage therapy with a choice of essential oils, crystals, incense, and seasonal products for relaxation, facial massage therapy.

Sooth’d Massage

How nice does that sound? A Massage Therapy that soothes and assists you in soulful sleep. This restorative Heal’r massage aims to encourage blood flow, assist your lymphatic and nervous systems, leaving you completely blissed out.

For your complete Sooth’d massage therapy experience, you have the option of crystal energy healing, essential oils and sage smudge stick. These nurturing touches from our Heal’r Massage Therapists will enhance your sense of cleansing and renewing.

Awaken’d Massage

Is a deeper massage therapy based on remedial massage methods. The Awaken’d Massage has been created to awaken the deeper layers of muscles, to be kind to the tendons and to assist in relaxing wound up fascia (the connective tissue sheath that covers our muscles). Our highly trained Heal’r Massage Therapists use controlled techniques, aimed to reduce cramping and tightness and to aid muscle recovery and injury prevention.

Mix’d by Heal’r, Massage Therapy with Dr Davey Pinder

Therapeutic Massage and Remedial Massage have been used to treat ailments of all kinds for generations. When combined this is a powerful healing massage therapy. Tailored specifically for you, Dr Davey will combine cupping, acupuncture, remedial massage techniques to address all things from pain, inflammation, imbalances, stress and blockages in your body.

Mix’d by Heal’r, Massage Therapy with Tanya Lee

Combining Tanya’s twenty years of clinical experience and traditional practices, Mix’d Massage Therapy with Tanya is a Massage Therapy that incorporates Eastern and Western methods. Tanya’s unique treatment encompasses her entire skill set as a qualified Allied Health Practitioner/Assistant to Physiotherapy, Massage Therapist, Clinical Pilates Practitioner and Kinesiologist; this is alongside Tanya being an initiated Shamanic Balian healer and Reiki Practitioner. Your treatment mixes East and West to achieve optimal well-being in the areas of emotional, physical, spiritual and organ health.

Chinese Remedial Massage (Manual therapies)

For centuries, Heal’rs have been incorporating remedial massage as a form of healing. The combination of remedial massage and manual therapy known as Musculoskeletal therapy, focuses on soft tissue massage and skeletal alignment. It utilises acupressure to establish harmony, balance and relaxation throughout the various areas of the physical body.

At our Heal’r Clinic, Carnegie, these manual techniques are applied to the Acu-points, trigger points, fascia, muscles and bones. A treatment may require the client to remain fully clothed or partially uncovered depending on the course of the treatment and if oil or medicated liniments are used. This is a true and traditional form of remedial massage, right here in Melbourne.


Often used in conjunction with Acupuncture, cupping is a method of introducing heat into a glass cup and then placing it directly on the surface of the body, creating a sealed vacuum. This improves circulation to the local area, whilst also relaxing the surrounding muscle fibres; reducing inflammation and improving the flow of blood and lymph within the body and enabling a deep sense of bodily relaxation. It acts from the most superficial skin layer to the deeper muscle and connective tissue layers within the body, acting as a corrective deep-tissue remedial massage. This approach is ideal for athletes or active individuals who require advancement in recovery from muscle fatigue, overuse, injury, and/or any pain associated conditions.

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