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Conditions we treat

Heal’r is focused on the holistic care of an individual and we are experienced in treating many conditions (and not limited to):

Autoimmune conditions
Cancer support
Colds and Flues
Dermatological / Skin disorders
Detoxification Treatment – Chelation, Heavy Metals, Lymphatic system including appearance of cellulite
Digestive disorders
Eating disorders, past or current
Emotional support for relationships, PTSD and other mood concerns
Endocrine / Hormonal imbalances
Energy support – Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue
Food and Allergies
Genitourinary disorders
Gut Health, bloating, digestion, elimination
Gynaecological disorders
Injuries – Acute, Current, Past, Sport, Rehab, physical pain
Liver and Kidney disease
Mental health / Addiction disorders
Musculoskeletal Injury and Pain
Oncology support
Pre and Post Natal Support
Reproductive Health
Respiratory disorders
Skin Conditions
Stress management
Substance dependence such as alcohol and smoking
Weight Management

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