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Chakra Puncture

Often, due to the demands of daily life, we can feel like we are only surviving, struggling to get through the never ending responsibilities which can put great strain on our body energetically and physically. Imagine an opportunity to experience what true inner vitality feels like; a treatment in balancing and cleansing your energy systems to feel a consistency of vital energy, rather than merely functioning.

Chakra puncture Therapy is a healing treatment that allows the body to reconfigure to its natural innate state of energetic balance. It is more than a chakra healing, it is a complementary health care modality that uses lightly applied acupuncture needles and offers deep foundational energetic and physical support to the body. The needles are applied in specific patterns on the body that serve the purpose of restoring and balancing our chakras and supporting the body in returning to its natural and true vital state.

Chakra healing, balancing, meditation or cleansing the 7 chakras, are not to be confused as being one and the same. Chakra puncture is a personalised treatment with your qualified practitioner. When clients first experience Chakra Puncture, they comment on the inner stillness they feel; the sense of peace in awakening to their inner Heal’r.

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