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When searching for a treatment or practitioner, questions you may have are:
Who do I see for certain ailments? A Naturopath, Nutritionist, Doctor, Physiotherapist….
How does one profession or treatment differ from another?
What supplements, superfoods, Naturopathic Medicine should I take?

Recently in our Melbourne clinic we treated a client who was extremely stressed, had ongoing hormonal imbalances and frequent colds. Understanding our client on a deeper level and using a holistic treatment, which includes more than just Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, provided a speedy, longer term recovery.

With over twenty-five years of experience in the health industry, our Heal’rs have an extraordinary amount of knowledge. Continuously training in all areas of Emotional, Physical, Nutrition and Optimal Organ Health, our Heal’rs have discovered that when someone focuses too much on one area, for example mostly nutrition or exercise, we become unbalanced. At Heal’r, our first studio in Carnegie, Melbourne, we offer you a unique opportunity to really empower yourself. Taking all our shared knowledge and vast experience, we have designed the first of its kind Heal’r programmes. Our boutique programmes incorporate Heal’r specialised movement classes, highly skilled therapeutic consultations and workshops. We address your core needs and plan a sustainable and achievable timeline for you. All our Heal’rs are multi skilled which means that you are receiving the most holistic and supported treatments to discover your Heal’r Within.



The origins of acupuncture can be traced back to over 2,500 years, making it one of the oldest health care systems in the world. Today, acupuncture supports the treatment of a wide…

Counselling Astrology

The purpose of modern counselling astrology is not to forecast events. It is to assist people to; know themselves more deeply, and understand their individual nature make better choices in life realize…

Allied Health Assistant to Physiotherapy

Qualified as an Allied Health Practitioner, Assistant to Physiotherapy, Tanya Lee our cofounder, is professionally recognised to assist with prescriptive rehabilitation exercises in the prevention and recovery of injuries. These skills are…

Gentle Needling Technique

Often, due to the demands of daily life, we can feel like we are only surviving, struggling to get through the never ending responsibilities which can put great strain on our body…

Chinese Medicine

Heal’rs of Chinese Medicine take a holistic approach to understanding normal function and disease processes, focusing as much on the prevention of illness as on the treatment of disease. Good health relies…


It could be seen that a lot of modern medicine has taken a leaf out of the book of how homeopathics are prepared. Many vaccines are derived from part of the virus…

Health Intuitive

Tanya Lee our cofounder, steps away from her qualifications in the clinical and scientific realms in order to honour her natural abilities as a Traditional Heal’r. Known mostly as a Pilates Specialist…


Every iris is as individual as a fingerprint. The eye is the only external tissue directly connected to the brain and its development starts in the first few weeks of embryonic development.…

Lifestyle Coaching

To have someone listen to you, understand you rather than just hear you, can be a powerful way to debunk the areas of life you may feel stuck in. We often look…


A unique way Heal’r describes Kinesiology is that everything we encounter is a trigger, a stimulus. Our body consciously and subconsciously reacts and responds to physical, nutritional and emotional stimulus whether from…


Massage therapy has been used as a form of healing across cultures for centuries. In the modern world, science now shows that massage therapy increases the circulation of blood to your organs…


Your Heal’r Naturopath is highly skilled with twenty-five years of clinical experience, multiple qualifications and wisdom from roads well traveled. A wise teacher suggested that wisdom comes from knowledge and experience combined.…


There has been a great shift in the approach to and understanding of Clinical Nutrition over the past 25 years. When you see a Heal’r Nutritionist, your treatment will be holistic, individualised,…

Western Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine has been an honoured natural medicine practice in many cultures, for centuries. With technology and scientific studies, clinical tests now show that Western Herbal Medicine, Herbs and Natural Remedies can…

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