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Heal’r Studio & Clinic

The Heal’r Difference

How different can one studio, clinic, apothecary be from another? For us, very different.

Some of what we offer might be new to you or at first glance seem similar. However at Heal’r, we offer a truly unique integrated experience. As a company, we work together, not as single practitioners and instructors, but as an entire company to help you awaken your Heal’r within.

Discover at Heal’r in Carnegie, Melbourne: a clinic, apothecary and studio that draws from over twenty modalities and twenty five years experience. Trained and qualified in several areas of health – yes, our Heal’rs are a clever bunch – we are ethically able to discuss with you: clinical nutrition, clinical and functional movement, herbal medicine, autoimmune conditions, gut health, hormones, pathologies and more.

Heal’r studios feature more than just pilates reformer machines or on mass yoga classes. Discover how Pilates was designed to be; a method utilising several pieces of pilates apparatus to transform your body. Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, believed in total integration of the breath, mind, and body. He drew inspiration from yoga, zen meditation and tai chi. At Heal’r we honour these healing movement therapies in smaller personalised groups for you to be able to delve deeper.

Designed specifically for each of our members and clients, every part of Heal’r is carefully curated for you to nourish, awaken, unearth and empower your Heal’r within.

The Studio

The home of Heal’r is a labour of love. It has been a dream for our co-founders, (partners in life and now finally in their vision), to create a home for connection and healing.

Come in and discover our 2 beautiful studio spaces holding unique classes as well as our lounge areas where you can relax and enjoy one of the Heal'r blends.

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