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The Twelve Thank-yous of Christmas Day 10

Written by Tanya Lee

By Heal’r member Skye Wu.

On the tenth day of thank-you-mas…

I would like to give a huge shoutout to the team at Heal’r, especially Tanya. Thanks to Heal’r I have learnt so much about my physical and mental well-being.

I joined Heal’r back in August, at the time, I just wanted a place to go and exercise.
I met Tanya at Heal’r for an assessment, where I signed up to the program half skeptical when she told me about my weak left ankle, my misaligned hips and that Heal’r takes a holistic approach to looking after their members.

Yeah ok… I’ve heard all that marketing speak before…

Fortunately for me, my day job is about being proactive and advise preventative measures. So I took heed and started to follow advice. Started changing the way I walk, moved my feet differently to strengthen my left ankle.

Fast forward 2 months, on my birthday, as I was heading to meet my husband for a birthday dinner… I stepped on an uneven bit of concrete, rolled my left ankle and landed on it.

I was diagnosed with a broken foot, I had fractured the fifth metatarsal in my left foot. My GP was amazed I had not damaged my ankle. While I was complaining about my foot pain, he busied himself with tests to check if my ankle was OK.

As I am now 95% recovered, I am almost certain that if I hadn’t started steps to strengthen my left ankle, I would have been nursing a broken left ankle + a broken foot. Which I imagine would be much much worse.

Instead, I’ve been able to recover relatively quickly, my GP was definitely impressed. I ditched the moon boot and have been taking in all the recommendations to improve my physical and mental health. Because at the end of the day; that is all that matters. I attribute a lot of my recovery speed to the help Tanya and the Heal’r team gave me in and out of class to help my body manage the healing process and regain strength.

Thank you Tanya and Heal’r team for taking a holistic approach to helping people. I am very grateful!

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