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Heal’r Official Opening

Written by Tanya Lee

A Message from Tanya – Our Journey to officially opening

Omer and my goal was to launch the first truly integrated holistic clinic with studios plus Heal’r Bar; it’s always been about timing. We are self-funded, there are no investors or silent partners, Omer has literally renovated the entire building bit by bit, slow and steady. 

After the success of our Heal’r blends, we found the location and building, and before wanting to officially open, we only wanted foundation members to establish the bases of what would come, an authentic home, encompassing all that l have trained and studied internationally and nationally over the past twenty-five years.

Over the years, I have barely had a day off. You may not have seen me on socials or received lots of newsletters, I went from seeing over 35 clients a week and teaching 20 classes to sitting behind a desk creating and launching Heal’r which meant a lot of learning in areas I have no formal training, what was I thinking?

What became apparent is that I could not sit behind a desk doing things I’m not as good at (omg websites and spreadsheets!), but that it was time to put all my qualifications and experience back into helping others (if they are willing) to discover their Heal’r within, through movement, nutrition, herbal medicine, energy balancing, massage, meditation and kinesiology. 

We are super chuffed to officially open Heal’r with our Heal’r Bar! To help me bring this to life, we welcome back our Heal’r company plus introduce new Heal’rs. Our Dr of Osteopathy is allowed to return from regional Victoria, Dr of Chinese Med/Acupuncture is coming out of lockdown, and a few of our beloved Heal’rs are on maternity leave, but rest assured that Heal’r continues to uphold our personalised and specialised sessions and treatments and that I will be devoting more time on. If there is one thing that I saw from 2020 and what has kept me inspired and dedicated, is that results speak for themselves. During COVID and lockdowns, many unresolved things surfaced for many. So many emotions. The things we can control is how we move, what we eat and how we manage our stress and sleeping. No one has come out of 2020 unaffected. To regroup, rebalance, the fastest way is combining nutrition and physical health, learning techniques to manage our over thinking minds while monitoring how to improve our organ health such as digestion, hormones, circadian rhythm, to allow our bodies to Heal’r inside and out.

See you soon in the studios, clinic and at the Heal’r Bar for a drink.


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