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Who understands the physical pains of working from home?

Written by Tanya Lee

If the ergonomics of your office is not good for your posture, it could be causing headaches, neck pain and tightness in the upper shoulders. 

Many people are contacting us here at Heal’r for solutions; what can they do to reduce neck pain and tightness? Here are our Heal’r suggestions to save your neck, shoulders and back:

  • Check your desk setup: 

When sitting at your desk, you should be close enough to your laptop that you don’t need to reach forward. The laptop or computer should be at a height where the top of the screen is at eye level, this reduces the need to slump. 

  • Sit tall without straining: 

Set a reminder every hour in your phone or connect to something in the room to remind you when you see it, to sit upright. When sitting tall, imagine an invisible thread is pulling up tall, lengthening your spine and neck, try and sit like this for a couple of minutes. Sitting tall vs straining; straining is forcing a posture like “shoulders down” or creating tension by sticking your chest up.

  • Heat or ice…

We recommend a heat pack for your spine rather than an ice pack. There are lots of nerves in the neck and ice can reduce blood flow. Heat will also help to reduce muscle spasm and tightness. Try lavender scented heat packs or use a hot water bottle. 

  • Take regular breaks: 

Taking a break from the computer to walk around is beneficial to increase blood flow to the muscles. It is also good for mental health and concentration. Taking a longer break every 3-4 hours, going for a walk can increase productivity when you return to your laptop. 

  • Arnica cream

As Naturopaths and Herbalists we are all about natural remedies that work and have no chemical side effects. Arnica as a cream is great as a natural anti-inflammatory. Using a cream or oil to massage the area can help increase blood flow and loosen the muscles. 

  • Exercises: 
  1. Shoulder shrugs: Shrug shoulders to ears x10 
  2. Pec stretch: Link hands behind you and open chest hold 20 seconds 
  3. Shoulder alignment: A little Heal’r tip to assist when you start strengthening your back and rotator cuff muscles: lift your shoulders then feel them open sideways rather than doing dance shoulder rolls. We’ll explain more in shoulder/neck articles.


Try these steps and watch how your neck thanks you. If you still experience pain or discomfort, you may need an experienced practitioner to assist you.


From us, 

your Heal’r Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, Clinical Pilates instructors and Massage Practitioners.

Written by Samantha Ziman

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