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Scott Morrison learns Barre at Heal’r

Written by Tanya Lee

Scott Morrison has flexed his muscles and taken a barre class, more than six months after he was exposed nationally as having no idea what the ballet-inspired fitness craze was.

While in Melbourne he visited businesses across the city, including movement studio Heal’r, where he asked if Heal’r could demystify barre for him. Without a prompt, Mr Morrison removed his jacket and shoes before approaching the ballet barre, where he tried several poses.

“Everything’s cracking,” he joked after trying a plié.

Being in lockdown for over seven and a half months in Melbourne has been crippling for everyone; physically, mentally and for many small businesses, financially. It was a point of conversation for our Heal’r co-founder Tanya Lee when speaking with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Katie Allen MP, and the strain it had been on her emotionally.

“Watching all our clients mental health decline and anxiety increase was really hard to watch. During lockdown it was about survival, not about trying to get new clients and members and earn a profit, but to support our current community as best we could by sourcing equipment, educating them on immune health, and speaking with them when they needed. In the second lockdown, my partner and I downsized both our cars to pay overheads. It was a really very difficult time.”

Having Katie Allen’s office call and ask if she could bring a ‘special guest’ to visit us was certainly a surprise. We assume they chose Heal’r because after researching who we are, how jobkeeper or any other support helped a small business as well as learning about barre. Tanya and Heal’r are a well known business who focus on community, safe movement and holistic health for long term results.

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