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Meditation & Mindfulness

Written by Tanya Lee

Meditation and Mindfulness are not always one of the same. There are principles and traditions that surround them both with many variations, techniques and descriptions.

The traditions of Meditation come from cultures which believe in connecting a calm mind and relaxed body, to access a deep state of consciousness and spiritual awareness.
Meditation methods come in a variety of forms from breathing techniques, chanting, visualisations, sitting, to standing, moving, feeling, seeing, guided or silent.

Mindfulness is not always associated with being a spiritual practise. Mindfulness as a practise might be time out for you, a way to build body awareness, to connect to your breathing, to go within and reflect and/or to encourage mental clarity and focus. At Heal’r, we draw on mindfulness in classes, in consultations, our workshops and definitely as a form of stress management.

In our Spirit’d and Sooth’d classes, and meditation workshops, we create an environment for you to unwind, to assist overthinking, manage stress and anxiety and support deep healing. When we are overwhelmed and running on programs, as humans we will react more than we respond mindfully. What if you could reboot regularly? A space to have a daily practise, or sometimes a weekly practise in which you can be still and quiet enough to remind yourself of your potential, your passions and who you really are without all the noise?

As someone new to meditation, you may have plenty of questions like “Where do I start?”, “How do I even know if I am meditating?”, “What techniques will work for me?”.
At Heal’r we will endeavour to make meditation and mindfulness easy to follow and ensure you get benefit from simply relaxing your body and calming your mind.

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