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Making Movement a Priority

Written by Tanya Lee

Pilates reformer

If you’re like me, your week days are primarily spent indoors and in front of a screen. And unfortunately, move often than not, when the work day finishes exercise is far from my mind. Although, over the years I have gradually learnt that movement plays a big factor in maintaining health. But how on earth do I find motivation? Well, I actually exercise without even realising it.

As April approaches, I have two questions.

One, how is it April?

And two, how did my calendar get so full?!

Now instead of becoming overwhelmed with the fast paced 2018, I frequently remind myself that to maintain good health, balance is key. And in order to achieve balance, I write down the ‘important things’ or my intentions prior to the start of each month. This can be anything from, eating seasonal food, to spending time with family. But one things I find myself writing every month time; make time for movement.

Previously, when the schedule became increasingly full, movement would offer itself as tribute and take a back seat. But not this year. This year, movement will be a priority. And after years of trial and error, I have created a simple, easy three step checklist when it comes to finding movement (without forcing yourself).

Find what works for you

Like many, I have tried countless forms of exercise over the years. From HIIT and group exercise, to big weights, and long distance running. But only recently, have I actually found something that works for me (hello Pilates and yoga).

So, how did I know that these work for me?

I give myself a minimum of 4 weeks to trial something new. And after that 4 week period, if I was even still eager to go to classes or practise at home, I knew that activity was right for me. My advice to you, write a list of the things you have wanted to try or even something you enjoyed in your teens, and don’t stop until you find what works best for you.

Incidental exercise

Ever feel like exercise comes with a pretty hefty dollar sign? Well, it really doesn’t have too!

In Australia, we are lucky enough to have access to a great variety of places to explore both in every state. Think waterfalls, beaches, lakes, mountains. Whether you walk, jog, swim, bike, all these activities are free and waiting for you to explore and are incredibly healing. I believe the best activities are those which allow us to reconnect with nature and enjoy some the fresh air. So invite a friend, a family member or a fur buddy, work up a little sweat and treat yourself to some brunch afterwards.

Encourage rest

Nine times out of ten, your body will benefit from some form of movement and circulation. While I aim to make movement a priority this month, I always make sure to put my overall health and wellbeing first. I always take into consideration that one time my body just needs to rest.

Had an emotional week? Feeling exhausted? Recovering from illness or injury? Allow yourself to time to rest the body and mind. Opt for a book, practise meditation or listen to music. While these activities may not work up a sweat, they are just as important to your overall health.

At Heal’r, we love finding new places to explore and adventure. Share with us your favourite way to find movement!

Written by Tash Ryan (Heal’r Naturopath Intern)

About the Author

Tash is in the final year of her Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) degree. She is all about finding a healthy, modern balance to life and follows a ‘back to basics’ lifestyle. As a future practitioner, Tash’s goals are to empower and support others to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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