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Kick Your Caffeine Habit

Written by Tanya Lee

In Preparation for the Heal’r Your Gut Program

Whether you’ve only recently discovered Heal’r, or you are a long time follower, you most likely know that we in the coming weeks, 8 of Heal’rs finest will be trialling the Heal’r Program.

That includes me, Tash. A 4th year Naturopathy student and one of the Heal’r Professionals.

With the start of a new year, and an increasingly evident link between the gut and health, 8 Heal’rs will be trialling the ‘Heal’r Health Program and Cleanse’. This program emphasises the importance of gut health, whilst individually addressing hormones, skin, anxiety, weight loss and pain. In order to prepare for the program, our main goal was to cut out any aggravating habits. Essentially these habits include foods or drinks which result in gastrointestinal discomfort, sleep disturbances, breakouts or emotional changes.

To keep things simple, my first 7 days focused on eliminating caffeine.

While there are some conflicting studies of both the positives and negatives to drinking coffee, I was certain of something – too much caffeine may result in addiction, fatigue and anxiety. Therefore, my focus this week was assessing the effects it had on my sleep, energy and mood.

Coffee + Life​

Cutting out my beloved morning coffee actually seemed pretty achievable. I was never a coffee drinker, until I started studying (hello all-nighters). Over the last 3-4 years my morning routine consists of a sit down breakfast and a coffee and I limit myself to no more than two cups a day. I never crave coffee or can’t leave the house without it. To me, coffee is a warm hug, a cup of deliciousness that gives me a little pep in my step in the morning. How hard could it be to give up?

The first 2 days…

Turns out, my body showed signs of withdrawal. Day 1 & 2, it took a lot of will not to reach for my morning brew. I had an 8 hour lingering headache on the first day, alongside an irritable and vague mood. I was tried, craved sugar and experienced big afternoon slumps. But “don’t fret”, I kept telling myself. Surely it would pass.

Day three and onwards – I see the light!

As of day three, I wake up easily, with a good mood and bounding energy. And each day gets better. I feel energised, am able to concentrate and experience no afternoon slump. I noticed how easy I fall asleep and am even motivated to exercise! By day 5, I even forgot I was avoiding coffee!

Ready to give it a try? These are the 3 thing you need to kick that caffeine habit.

1. Dandelion Root

Before starting my mini cleanse, I made sure I had a cupboard full of my favourite little herb Dandelion Root. Commonly used as a coffee substitute due to its bitter flavour, Dandelion Root is rich in antioxidants, and is known to support liver health and help fight bacteria (bonus for gut health!). Sadly, my taste buds have never been fooled, so I opt for a Dandelion Root and chai blend or Root’d by Heal’r. Reaching for a ‘similar’ brew in the morning really maintained my routine, and being caffeine-free, I was also able to have one in the afternoon if I felt like it.

2. H2O

Water, water, water! You’ve heard it a billion times before but good old H2O will make those first few days a bit easier. Alongside caffeine withdrawal, dehydration will play a large part in developing that nasty headache. So invest in a drink bottle, and aim to drink at least 1.5L per day.

3. Exercise

Everyone is different, so the exact day you feel a boost in energy may vary. But as soon as you do, I encourage you to sweat it out! Whether it be walking, swimming, Pilates, yoga, football training – the list goes on. Adding exercise into you week will further aid in better sleep, happier mood and sharper concentration.

So, where to from here?

​Now it’s your turn! Lock in a day, get prepared and record your journey. I will be continuing throughout the Heal’r Program, and will be caffeine-free for a minimum of 21 days. I’ll be sure to share more gut healing tips so watch this space.


By Tash Ryan (Heal’r Naturopath Intern)

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