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Is your pain from your shoulder or neck?

Written by Tanya Lee

So many clients come into Heal’r thinking they have a shoulder injury when it is actually a referred pain from their neck. If this is the case, getting treatment on the shoulder will not help and could be why your pain is not getting better. 

It’s easy to know when your neck is sore as the pain is in the neck, but when the pain starts to refer down the arm or into the upper part of your back, it can be trickier to decipher. 

This is when you need a skilled practitioner to help. However a couple of points to note are;

  1. If you have pain in your neck, its definitely your neck 
  2. If you have pain in your upper arm it can be your shoulder or neck. 
  3. If you have pain in your lower arm, its likely neck or elbow 
  4. If you have tingling down your arm, its your neck most likely. 

Knowing where the pain is coming from will help you to recover quicker. So come into Heal’r and see one of our skilled practitioners to decipher where your pain is coming from. 

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written by Samantha Ziman

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