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Headaches and what you can do?

Written by Tanya Lee

Did you know that you can get a headache from a tight neck?

How you might ask? 

The cervical nerves of C1, C2 and C3 merge with the trigeminal nerve coming from the head to form a nucleus (a cluster of nerves). This way pain can travel up towards the head. The most common areas to feel the headache called a Cervicogenic headache is the back of the head and around one eye. 

In order to reduce headache symptoms, having treatment on your neck can really help. Using a heat pack, massaging your neck and having a hot bath are all tools you can use to reduce neck tension. If these don’t work, then make an appointment with a skilled physiotherapist to help release those tight neck muscles and tension in the joints of C1/2/3. 

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Written by Samantha Ziman

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