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Fab in Feb – FebFast done the Heal’r way

Written by Tanya Lee

Can you believe it’s February already! Where did January go? And how is everyone going with their resolutions? We know that around this time of year work starts again, the kids are back and school, and life tends to get a bit more hectic in general. This is why we have created our Fab in Feb to help keep you on track with your goals. For 6 weeks we will help you achieve whatever goal you set yourself, whether it be attending a certain amount of Heal’r classes, balancing hormones or weight, or cutting out alcohol or refined sugar.


This program starts anytime in Feb, and for those who stick to their personalised plan for the 6 weeks receive 1 month FREE on their classes. After 25 years of experience helping clients achieve their goals, we have the confidence that if you follow your plan you will achieve your goal. If you do follow your plan, however you still do not achieve your desired result, you will receive 2 months free. You’re a winner either way! 


For those completing Fab in Feb and would like a consultation with Tanya Lee, we are offering $55 off your consultation, and $35 off your follow up treatments with our Heal’r professionals. 

While you complete our 6 week immersion, you also have the option of joining our FebFast team. FebFast is a challenge to pause for a certain cause for the month. Whether that be giving up alcohol, sugar or chocolate like our Heal’r Kiren. Profits made from the Heal’r bar will go towards FebFast to support disadvantaged young people aged 12-25 have access to resources and support to lead a more fulfilling life. 


One of the services that FebFast help provide young people is detox and rehabilitation treatment. When young people seek treatment for drug problems, over half do not have stable housing and have experienced some form of abuse, and 77% have serious mental health concerns.  After 2 weeks of treatment, 95% reported an improvement in mental health, and 91% moved to secure housing. This is just an example of one way FebFast help out disadvantaged youths, but it also ranges from finding employment to safe housing. 


Donations can be made in our studio, where we will have a jar set up at the Heal’r bar. We also accept donations through our fundraising page, which can be found by clicking here



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You can also sign up to our FebFast team here

Terms and Conditions

  1. At Heal’r, we work on an honesty system where we trust that you have put in the work to try and achieve your goal. We do not condone members purposely not achieving their goals for the reward, as we will also be monitoring to see that you are following your personalised plan. 
  2. You can choose to leave anytime, however if you end Fab in Feb before your 6 weeks time period, you will not receive any prizes. 
  3. Goals are to be reviewed by Tanya Lee before beginning Fab in Feb, so goals are realistic for the time frame. 
  4. Short consultations are to not be used for massage, personal training or pilates. 
  5. $35 off follow up treatments apply for osteopathy, physiotherapy, dry needling, massage and personal training. 
  6. Referral program is a stand alone deal for 2 weeks free, and can also be used in conjunction with Fab in Feb. Whoever is referred does not need to join Fab in Feb.

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