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Heal’r Workshops

What you’ll learn (and not limited to):

Practical application, hands on individual mentoring.


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What you’ll learn (and not limited to):

Practical application, hands on individual mentoring

Workshop one

  • The importance of core, pelvic floor, abdominal support.
  • Why transversus, multifidus, pelvic floor, obliques and abdominals can switch off, be dysfunctional
  • How to feel this in your own body

Workshop two

  • Hips and Glutes, how and why it is important for correct glute activation
  • what happens with alignment if you have weak glutes
  • mobilization/stretching techniques and exercises to assist with hip/knee association
  • cuing and hands on techniques on teaching techniques

Workshop three

  • Emotional and Gut health connection to Core/Pelvic Floor/Abdominal and Glute activation
  • How “stress” switches off core and glute activation
  • tips for self and when working with others

Location: Home of Heal’r, 217-221 Koornang Road, Carnegie 3163

Dates and times:

  • Workshop one Friday 11th Jan, 11am – 230pm
  • Workshop two Saturday 12th Jan 1pm – 430pm
  • Workshop three Sunday 13th Jan 2019, 11am – 230pm

Limited places

  • Student early bird $109
  • normal price $129
  • student early bird 3 modules $315 (saving $77 off total price)
  • 3 modules after early bird Jan 2nd 2019, $359

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Workshop One Fri 11/1/19, Workshop Two Sat 12/1/19, Workshop Three Sun 13/1/19, All Three Worksops, Student all Three Workshops, Student Single Workshop Fri 11/1/19, Student Single Workshop Sat 12/1/19, Student Workshop Sun 13/1/19

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