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Molly Wescott

Heal’r Communications, Clinical Nutritionist, Front of House

Molly’s passion for health and wellbeing started in her late teens when she was diagnosed with Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Fed up with the lack of care that she was receiving from conventional medicine, and a ‘one treatment fixes all’ ideology, she turned to a more holistic approach. This is when her love affair with wellness began.

Armed with advice from health experts, Molly was able to manage the symptoms of her hormone condition with natural alternatives. However working long hours in a fast paced management role for 5 years, started to take its toll in other ways. Molly saw in her colleagues and herself that when stress was high, their health was the first thing to go. Not content with feeling exhausted and unwell, Molly once again turned to natural medicine and complementary therapies, and regained her health.

Determined to support others in healing and nurturing themselves in the same way she had, Molly left her marketing role to study and work in the health industry. Completing her Bachelor in Nutritional Science as a Clinical Nutritionist, Molly combined her two skills as a lead manager for a national health company. Molly’s attentive people skills and ability to give professional nutritional advice, helped her debunk many myths for her customers online and in store. She coordinated cleanse programmes, recipe ideas and product development on top of managing the stores and customer service.

An experienced health professional, Molly is one of our key Heal’r Clinic Practitioners and your-go-to for all things members and clients. Balancing her life with pilates and yoga you’ll also find Molly in our Discover and Ignite Studios, nurturing her inner Yoga and Pilates instructor.


  • Bachelor Health Science (Clinical Nutrition), Southern School Of Natural Therapies
  • Associate Degree in Marketing & Business, RMIT
  • Yoga and Pilates Instructor in Training
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