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Brooke is one of our resident Doctors of Osteopathy at Heal’r. She has spent eight years participating in osteopathic placements in varying locations, including London, regional Victoria and amongst many aboriginal communities.

As a holistic practitioner, Brooke has a passion for continual growth, learning, educating, and helping our clients achieve the best outcome possible. Whether that is facilitating a return to Pilates or sport, reducing pain levels, or just improving one’s quality of life, she has the tools to help you! From a young age, Brooke has been heavily involved with the tennis industry as both a player and representative. This has been a strong influence on her passion to become an Osteopath and specialise in musculoskeletal patterns and functional movement.

At Heal’r we love that Brooke prides herself on her multi-faceted approach to health and wellbeing, utilising a range of direct and indirect techniques which may include soft tissue therapy (massage), muscle energy techniques, manipulation and mobilisation, tailored to suit each individual. She also has undertaken additional training to her Osteopath qualifications in Nutrition, family health, taping techniques, dry needling, and cupping, and breathing mechanics, which creates a well-balanced and specialised approach.

From her studies, Brooke believes that correct breathing can change overall function, improve mental health, and assist with pelvic floor and core strength. More reasons we love Dr Brooke and why you will too.

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