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Heal’r Certified Organic Blends

Certified Organic by the great people at the ACO, means everything from our ingredients, labeling to our packing and handling has to meet the highest of standards. What this means for you is it ensures you are getting the highest quality products, retaining their properties no exception.

Here at Heal’r, we know health. We are qualified Clinical Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Western Herbal Medicine Practitioners, Allied Health Practitioners, Clinical Pilates Specialists, Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitators, Holistic Lifestyle Coaches, Functional and Rehab Personal Trainers, Kinesiologists and Reiki Practitioners with over eighteen years clinical experience in Australia and overseas.


Rooted by Heal’r, is the first Organic Turmeric Spice Blend with Dandelion Root.


A decadent, rich blend with Reishi, Cacao from Loving Earth and our unique Heal’r Turmeric. No ginger and no coconut nectar.


Mix’d by Heal’r is a unique creation of our Heal’r Turmeric blend mix’d together with Cacao and Reishi. Deliciousness right there!

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