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Our (Love) Story

Heal’r has quite literally been built by love and by hand, from the ground up. Our co-founders, Tanya and Omer have constructed Heal’r piece by piece to build a home of community and healing.

Friends in their early adulthood, Omer and Tanya’s lives took separate paths for over a decade until fate stepped in – well maybe a dating app.

Often referred to as the not so silent partner of Heal’r, Omer got a head start on this dream of an integrated health space. He created the first organic grocery store, café and clinic with a yoga and pilates studio in Melbourne – Simple Affair in 2003. Now closed, many still consider this an institution and revolutionary space in the health industry.

Meanwhile Tanya, our principal instructor and Allied Health practitioner who wears so many hats at Heal’r, spent her 20s and part of her 30s following her health and training to Sydney. There Tanya managed various pilates spaces, opened her own boutique studio while simultaneously studying full time to gain several of her many qualifications. On top of this she worked to heal some very serious health conditions that many thought was impossible.

Returning home to Melbourne, Tanya continued to work in some of the most well-known pilates, yoga and barre studios but felt like something was missing. Without a full encompassing clinic and apothecary like her studio in Sydney, Tanya felt that she could not help everyone to the full extent that she was trained to.

Divine intervention took hold – okay maybe modern dating technology – when our co-founders, who had both been dreaming of a partner with shared values to enter their life, saw each other on the then ‘new app’ Tinder.

After years apart and lots of life lessons, they now found a new connection in each other not only as life partners but as pioneers in the health industry. Although Tanya did not know it at the time, Omer would be the one to inspire her to finally bring their united vision to life.

Beginning their journey as business partners, the couple launched Root’d by Heal’r in 2015. This was the first certified organic turmeric blend on the market in Australia (and according to market research, not just our slightly biased selves – the best tasting). With practitioner grade ingredients and a formula designed to maximise the health benefits while still tasting delicious, the Heal’r blends range grew.

Behind the scenes the duo kept doing what Heal’rs do – creating a home for discovery and Heal’r-ing.

Years on, Heal’r as a specialised movement studio and clinic is now ready.

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