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Heal’r Pilates, Barre, Fitness and Heal’r Yogi

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Taylor is as enthusiastic as she is resilient. Her ability to learn and adapt to any situation comes from a varied athletic background of figure skating, swimming, cheerleading to track and field throughout her high-school years.

When Taylor discovered Pilates and Yoga in her later life, she found that Pilates gave her the perfect balance of challenge and strength to support her natural flexibility. Yoga and Pilates became a constant for Taylor while struggling with anxiety during stressful periods in college and moving from the U.S.A. to Australia. Now in Australia for over ten years, Yoga and Pilates are still very much a daily practise. Her busy corporate schedule with a very active lifestyle of cycling and fitness classes, means Yoga and Pilates gives her the correct alignment to assist with the prevention of injuries.

Taylor’s bright and energetic personality shines through in everything she does. Always finding the lighter side of any situation, Taylor also has a fun and lighthearted approach to her own fitness routine. She believes in listening to your body to achieve results. She hopes to help each student connect to the grounding, centring calm that happens when you listen to your body.

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