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Tasha Godetz came to work with Heal’r after turning away from corporate life as a graphic designer. Her fellow Heal’rs have seen the transformative change Tasha has gone through from not being able to walk, having debilitating arthritis attacks, disrupted period cycles, gut issues and relationship upheavals, to discovering her Heal’r within. Hanging onto beliefs that diet plans or certain exercises would manage her health, Tasha had tried many practitioners, Pilates, Yoga and diets before understanding the connections to her health problems. Through perseverance and hope, Tasha is another Heal’r who is living proof that you can change your life and unearth your true Heal’r.

Growing up, Tasha experienced a multitude of health problems and was sadly misdiagnosed multiple times. She became very passionate about natural health and healing, and soon saw the benefits of changing her lifestyle not just her diet. Her journey has successfully allowed her to overcome and manage several dis “eases” including psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, precancerous cells, hormone imbalances, shingles, digestive issues, parasites and anaemia. Tasha’s main goal was to avoid a hip replacement surgery that was scheduled in June 2018.

Constantly learning, Tasha realised that natural health is more than what we eat or how much we exercise. When she started working on her emotions and reactions to stress, her healing really shifted. After years of pushing through the chronic pain, setbacks and heartache that having several health conditions comes with, she decided to finally take some time out. Decreasing her work load, learning about food is medicine, clinical Pilates and the effects of emotions on her body, Tasha’s thirst grew to know more. Taking herself out of society and into nature, Tasha spent 18 months going inwards, learning how the mind works, and how the mind and belief systems are so important when healing.

Watching & feeling first hand the body’s amazing potential to heal, she undertook various trainings in Yoga and the therapeutic effects it has on the mind and body to be able to share this ancient wisdom with the world. With over 1000 RYT training hours behind her, she is now back in the western world teaching yoga as a form of medicine and showing others that they too can heal.

Besides her love for Yoga and health, she still freelances as a graphic designer part-time creating beautiful branding for businesses, practitioners and entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. If you would like us to connect you please email connect@healr.com.au

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