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“wellbeing is about persistence and not perfection”

Jacqui’s story and how she came to be a Heal’r is quite unique. Not only is she a single mother of 2 children, a girl and boy, but she also has paraplegia and uses a wheelchair. Jacqui became a paraplegic a few days before she turned 13 due to a very unexpected and sudden autoimmune condition. She believes that due to her life experiences and challenges, it has led her on a path to explore healing and to become a natural therapist. Jacqui understands intimately how vulnerable one can feel due to health issues and therefore she feels able to bring this knowing of compassion into her work and to help facilitate healing for others.

Having practiced as a Naturopath for over 16 years, in a number of different environments: including pharmacy, multidisciplinary clinic and her own practice, it has provided Jacqui with a wide range of experience and knowledge in treating people from all walks of life and ages. What differentiates her from the many other practitioners is the number of modalities that she has to draw upon. Jacqui is a self-confessed nerd when it comes to learning and this curiosity has meant that she’s furthered her natural therapy studies in advanced Iridology, Astrology, Kinesiology and Meditation whilst continuing to practice as a Naturopath. She believes that drawing upon all these modalities provides her with a holistic approach that sees everyone as unique and that looks at health and wellness from a mind, body, spirit perspective. This holistic approach is to treat the individual and get to the cause of the health condition.

Jacqui’s mantra when working with clients, and which she’s had to remind myself of personally, over and over again, is that ‘life, health and wellbeing is about persistence and not perfection’. That with the continual intention to keep challenging yourself to take action and responsibility for how you want to feel and live your life, you can start to look back and be awed by where you’ve come from, no matter your circumstances. A true inspirational Heal’r.


  • B.H.Sc(Naturopathy)
  • Dip.Astrology(FAA)
  • Dip.Kinesiology(PKP)
  • Member A.N.T.A
  • Member F.A.A
  • Student member A.K.A
  • Naturopath/Herbalist/Nutritionist
  • Iridologist/Astrologer/Kinesiologist
  • Meditation Facilitator


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