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Who We Are

Our Heal’rs have travelled the globe, studied extensively and observed that there is a gap in the health industry for people who want true, long lasting results. This is the core of what motivates us to inspire you, educate you and ignite your Heal’r within.

Highly qualified and expertly trained, our Heal’r professionals are genuine people who you can relate to.

Our Heal’rs include studio and clinical pilates, yoga, fitness, HIIT, barre, qi gong, tai chi and meditation instructors, as well as personal trainers.

We also house a naturopath, massage therapist, nutritionist, counsellor, kinesiologist, chinese medicine professional, acupuncturist, lifestyle coach, qualified herbalist, an Allied Health assistant to physiotherapist, homeopath, western medicine specialist, iridologist, gentle needling expert, health intuitive and even an astrologist who all work together to help you achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals.

Everyone who is and has been associated with Heal’r has a heart of gold. From our Heal’r professionals to our interns to the friends who we invite into our studio, having the right fit has been integral for us.

Our goal is to continue to create a company filled with experts in their field who are both humble and resilient – people who can inspire others from their life experience, educate from wisdom and contribute to our community in positive ways.

Accomplished and knowledgeable, our Heal’rs were chosen because of their refined skills, passion for learning, shared sense of humour and because they want to be a part of something bigger.

Collectively we have worked in a range of small private health and wellness clinics to big health clubs. We have seen the need for a company who is invested in their clients and members, a company who gives guidance beyond the quick fix.

From this need we have created a Heal’r home where you can feel accepted and nurtured no matter what your experience or previous health story.

If you are looking for real, long term results we are here to help you discover your Heal’r within.

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